25 Passenger Minibus Rental

25 Passenger Minibus Rental

The 25-passenger minibus offers all the amenities of a full-size charter bus, just on a more compact vehicle. From the outside, a 25-passenger minibus looks similar to a charter bus but is visibly smaller. It has the same large panoramic windows and some have undercarriage storage compartments. Inside, it contains around 25 cushioned, reclining/bucket seats with an aisle down the center. There’s also overhead storage bins provide extra space for luggage and personal items. At the front sits the driver, and a small restroom is located at the rear on select buses. Minibuses come equipped with useful amenities like air conditioning, WiFi, TV monitors, and a DVD player. Some even have power outlets so passengers can charge devices. These features make road trips more comfortable and entertaining for groups. The compact size this vehicle allows it to navigate tight city streets and easily park compared to a full charter bus. So it’s ideal for traveling and parking in urban areas. The minibus provides groups with an affordable, safe, and convenient transportation option. For your next group trip, consider renting a 25-passenger minibus from Charter Bus Company Athens.

Available Amenities

  • Plush, reclining seats

  • PA system

  • Overhead luggage racks

  • Storage bins above seats

  • Air conditioning

  • Radio